Amazon’s Alexa Can Help You Donate to Charity

By:  Ketirah Felder-Hogan (@tygirl197)

Amazon took the world by storm in the Fall of 2014 when they released Alexa, a virtual assistant. Since it’s release in November 2014, Alexa has been launched on several platforms such as the Amazon Echo, FireTV, Kindle Fire HD, IOS, and even Android!

With all the technological advances and appearances that Alexa had made over the course of the past two years, is it really possible for Alexa to keep adding surprising us?


Yes! Now Alexa users can now donate to any of the 40 charities in partnership, using their voice, according to Tech Crunch.

Image result for alexa gif cardi bSome of the charities that one can donate using this feature include the American Cancer Society, Comic Relief, Best Friends Animal Society, and many more. In order for a user to start their path of charitable works, the would have to say one simple demand- “Alexa, donate $20 to the American Cancer Society”, as reported by Tech Crunch.

According to Daily Mail, users can donate between $5 and $5,000.

Also, Alexa provides a four-digit voice confirmation code to help users from making accidental purchases-which is great for the clumsy one of your family or the young philanthropist of your family.

Like many websites these days, when purchases are made an email confirmation will be sent to the customer and with this new feature with Alexa it is no different. Users will receive an email confirmation of their donation and can also track the information via Amazon Pay. Daily Mail, reports that Amazon also shares the user’s name, address and email with the charity- of course leaving out card information.

Alexa is continuing to change the virtual industry and is choosing to now do it with one charity and one donate at a time- and I bet there are no objections to that!

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