Celebrities Donate to Children Worldwide to See Black Panther


By: Ketirah Felder-Hogan (@tygirl197)

Marvel is back at it!

This time, the studio has created one of their most popular films, with “Black Panther.” According Forbes, the films has grossed $108 million on its second weekend and $202 million on its first Fri-Sun opening, it is the second-biggest second weekend gross of all time between Universal/Comast Corp.’s Jurassic World ($106.5 million) and Lucas film’s The Force Awakens ($149 million).

Not only has the film been a successful hit financially, but it has also taken a huge place in the African-American community. Since this is a movie centering around a black superhero and a majority black cast many people of color have found someone that they can truly look up to. Black Panther has not only touched the hearts of many adults in the African-American community, but the children in the community.

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Many children may not be able to see this film for various reasons, but with acts of kindness streaming their way there are opportunities for them to see a hero that finally looks like them, on the big screen. This is exactly what happened for many lucky children as they were blessed with the ability to go see this iconic film due to the donations of many celebrities.

Octavia Spencer, Oscar-winning actress worked with Ryan Coogler the director of the “Black Panther” five years ago on “Fruitvale Station,” and announced via her Instagram that she will be helping children go see the film.

“I think I will buy out a theatre in an underserved community there to ensure that all our brown children can see themselves as a superhero,” said Spencer according to The Washington Post.

The on-going cycle of people donating to children in order to see this film is called the Black Panther Challenge, which was created by Frederick Joseph a New-York based humanitarian as a GoFundMe campaign.

Though Joseph’s originally idea, was just to raise $40,000 to get children in Harlem to able to see the film, to his surprise and overwhelming joy the campaign as raised over $400,000 around the world enabling over 30,000 children to see the film.


Atlanta rapper T.I., was also another celebrity that helped to provide a free screening of “Black Panther”, to children in Atlanta by teaming up with  Walmart, according to ComicBook.

Academy Award Winner Viola Davis, has also shared her support of the challenge by aiding two companies that provided free screening of the film for 200 youth in Austin according to The Washington Post.


“Black Panther” is more just a film produced my Marvel Studio, it is a movie that provides cultural significance to those of the African-American community. This is a chance, for the first time for many youths to see that there is a hero on the big screen that look like them. With the popularity and the powerful movements that have accumulated out of this film, there is no doubt that we will be seeing a sequel and even more leading African-American heroes in cinemas everywhere.

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