Google Donates $1 Million to Stonewall National Monument

Coligo Contributor Aisha Powell (@aishapowell_)

The civil rights protest was a movement towards equality, and now a $1 million dollar grant from, will help preserve the stories of the people though fought for equality. The donation was given by Google’s philanthropic wing to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center.

The center’s goal is to empower LGBT people by building a strong community while celebrating diversity and advocating for justice and opportunity. The grant is to go to the centers efforts to preserve the stories of many civil rights activist involved in protest at the Stonewall Inn that happened in 1969. The center and the National Park Foundation wants to keep the stories alive by creating an entire monument by the 50th anniversary of the protest by 2019 – making New York’s Stonewall Inn will be the first LGBT National Monument!

“The purpose is to spread the word about the Stonewall uprising and the progress we have made as well as the distance we have to go,” said Senator Chuck Schumer of New York City. Googles donations will not only ensure that the stories will be told but pushes the agenda of equality, history and heroes that fight for marginalized groups daily. One of the protesters, who is now 69, is Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt. He thinks the stories will teach younger generations about people who fought for change, like himself.

To learn more about the organization, the Stonewall area and to support LGBT rights visit and

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