Grammy-winning singer John Legend makes surprise donation to help wipe out Seattle Public School lunch debt

Fundraising to settle Seattle Public School lunch debt, Jeff Lew was surprised by the benevolence of one “John Stephens,” who donated a whopping $5,000 to his GoFundMe.

Maybe the generic name tipped you off, but the donation was not made by a “John Stephens” after all – it was actually made by Grammy-winning singer and songwriter John Legend. And following wife Chrissy Teigen’s surprise donation to a woman fundraising to cover her beauty school tuition, it’s safe to say the two make one generous duo.

When Lew noticed the hefty donation, he figured a celebrity might have caught wind of the campaign on social media. Though skeptical at first, he remembered that Teigen grew up in Snohomish, WA, and that Legend also had an upcoming performance in the area nearby. After sending the singer a note via GoFundMe, Legend confirmed the donation did indeed come from him.

Lew thanked Legend for his generous donation on Twitter, to which Legend responded, “My pleasure! We should have free lunch for all of our public students!”

“It’s really cool to see that people care for this cause,” Lew told Seattle Times. “It’s really getting out there.”

Currently, Lew’s campaign to end school lunch debt in Seattle is less than $5,000 shy of its $50,000 goal, thanks to the generosity of Legend and thousands more. Lew has also recently launched a new Twitter, @LunchDebt, and its mission – outlined in the account bio – is clear: “Erasing school lunch debt & lunch shaming. Let’s end lunch shaming. All forms of lunch shaming.”

If you’d like to show your support and help to make sure no student goes hungry simply because they can’t afford lunch, check out Lew’s GoFundMe here to help wipe out outstanding student lunch debt throughout Seattle.

Follow fundraiser Jeff Lew on Twitter at @biglew8 and @LunchDebt, and John Legend on Twitter and Instagram.


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