The Largest Public Health Movement for Black Women is “Treking” Near You !

Coligo Contributor Aisha Powell (@aishapowell_)

#BlackGirlMagic is real and Girl Trek has proved, black girls are magical and care about your health. Girl Trek is the largest non-profit public health movement, for black women in this country.

Their mission is simple; they want to pioneer a health movement through walking, community leadership and health advocacy for African-American women and girls. The non-profit started in 1996 with two college friends who did not have a concise idea, but both had deep passion for taking care of their bodies. 14 years later founders T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison brainstorming had blossomed into the successful organization of Girl Trek.



With walking being one their main device; Girl Trek has had several walks, been featured in Essence magazine and the two founders even had their own TEDtalk about how walking became revolutionary for self care. Dixon and Garrison got their friends and family to start walking before gaining more and more traffic from other women. Now Girl Trek is the largest non-profit health focused organization for black women in America.

To support Girl Trek and join their next walk follow them on Facebook @HealthyBlackWomenandGirls, Twitter @GirlTrek and go to their website

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