Utah Sends Refugees to College; The Nonprofit thats Helping Students

Coligo Contributor Aisha Powell (@aishapowell_)

The Refugee Education Initiative, has been helping more than 300 refugees across the globe find funding, help and able them to get college degrees. The initiative helps:

“Highly motivated students with a refugee background pursue higher education and employment. Through this initiative, refugees are provided money for their education, enrollment counseling, tutors, and opportunities for social integration. Most importantly, the initiative hopes to guide students to marketable employment where they can be productive family, professional, and community contributors. – Refugee Education Initiative”

In Utah, the Refugee Initiative has helped 300 refugees get various degrees, ranging from associates to graduate. Kai Sin, was one of the Utah students helped in getting her degree in international studies and health policy. Sin is one of 41 to graduate from the University of Utah’s business school, that the initiative has helped. Sin has lived in Utah since the age of 13 but couldn’t afford the in-state tuition, the initiative helped her afford school and helped her obtain her degree. She is one of there many success stories of initiative has.

To read more about the initiative and see how you can get help or help others visit the Refugee Initiative website, http://therefugeeeducationinitiative.org, and follow the Utah Refugee Connection on Facebook @utahrefugeecenter

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